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Many thanks for your quick and friendly reply!  I am really relaxed in this case... the shirts and (on our customer service) the great way you solve this are much more important.
I just wanted to say: THANK YOU :-)
M.V. (Germany)  Germany

IS18XX -1 shoe's. I got my shoe's at the customs. Looks great, thank you.

M.R (Germany)  Germany
Dear iTailor-Team, Thanks a lot - that really looks perfect again - as usual for your company!!! A huge :-) from Germany...!Best regards,
M.V (Germany)  Germany
I would like to inform you that the shirt is delivered now – thank you very much!
I very much like the quality of the shirt and the fabric
Thank you very much for this first order and I am looking forward to the next one
T.S (Germany)  Germany
I glad to inform you that your Package has arrived. It fits perfect. So thank you for your Support.
I'm looking forward to my next order on your Website.
R.M (Germany)  Germany
Dear iTailor-Team,be thanked for your extraodinary service... In any way I will just tell my friends and colleagues about the enduring positive experiences with your company.
M.V (Germany)  Germany

i received my first shirt ordered in your shop and i gotta say: i love it!

T.H. (Germany)  Germany

This is definitely the best jacket i ever owned - and surely not the last one I purchased from iTailor...100 percent recommandable and 100 percent worth its price!

Guido N. (Germany)  Germany

Dear sir or madam, many thanks for the quick and smooth delivery, I'm very happy with the shirt. They can only recommend. with friendly greetings N.A.S.

Nur Ali S. (Germany)  Germany

Dear Sirs,i received the whole delivery and i am very happy with it. I will definitely order more. Thanks and Regards Wolfram K

Wolfram K. (Germany)  Germany

Ladies and gentlemen, the Jackett has arrived and it fits beautifully. Thanks

M.G (Germany)  Germany

everything is Ok, i recieved complete now ! Thanks for cooperation... really good work !

Martin M. (Germany)  Germany

Dear Itailor team,Thank you very much for all the information and support you gave me.
i received it already today.I must said that i had never had a shirt that fits so well on me.
Thank you very much.the work you make is really good.

With the best regards,

David C

David C. (Germany)  Germany

DeariTailor Team

thank you very much! 
Thank you for your perfet support! 
S, Holz
Stephan H. (Germany)  Germany

Dear Sirs,

thank you very much for your support!
I will recommend your internet site and your service to my friends and collegues at work.
Best wishes,
Ulf Gregor S.
Ulf Gregor S. (Germany)  Germany

Geschätztes Tailor-Team

Die fehlenden zwei Pakete sind nun angekommen.
Herzlichen Dank für Ihre Bemühungen und alles Gute wünscht Ihnen
Christina Lustenberger
Tailor-valued team

The missing two packages have arrived.
Thank you for your efforts and wish you all the best
Christina L

Christina L. (Germany)  Germany

Hello iTailor-Team,

today I finally got my shirt. Thank you for your cooperation. It is a
good product and I will most likely buy from you again!
Julian S.
Julian S. (Germany)  Germany

Hi there,

sorry for the long time. have been on hollidays i received the jacket and its fitting very nice. thank you very much for your concerns.
Lars K.
Lars K. (Germany)  Germany

The quality of my shirt is very good. It is sewn very clean!

Therefore, the team and the seamstresses to praise and thank you!
Ekkart T. (Germany)  Germany

Customer Compliment!

The quality of my shirt is very good. It is sewn very clean! Therefore, the team and the seamstresses to praise and thank you!
Ekkart T. (Germany)  Germany

I'm thrilled - everything is perfect.

Thanks for your efforts , I will recommend you arrange and re-order from you.
die Hose ist angekommen!
Ich bin begeistert - alles ist perfekt.
Danke für Ihre Bemühungen, ich werde Sie gerne weiter empfehlen und wieder bei Ihnen bestellen.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Falk W.
Falk W. (Germany)  Germany

Dear iTailor Team,

i wish to say thank you for the very fast production of my pant. Today it comes to me and it is very fine.
Wish you a fine week.
Kind regards
Michael B.
Michael B. (Germany)  Germany

Guten Abend,

haben jetzt das hemd,lag wohl die ganze zeit beim zoll.danke es sieht sehr gut aus!endlich mal ein hemd was bei seiner grösse von 2,06 m passt.
Mandy K. (Germany)  Germany


I just got the first part of the delivery. THANK YOU VERY! The quality is very good! Thank you! I will order from you more.
Ian R. (Germany)  Germany

Today 4 Aug 12,  

I received my Shirt which I ordered a few weeks ago.
The shirt exceeded my expectations.  The work was really good and the quality 
was superb.
I would like to thank all of the men and women who worked on this 
shirt and let them know I am very thankful for their efforts.
I will be ordering another shirt shortly.
Many Thanks, and have a  great week.
Charles B. (Germany)  Germany

Dear iTailor Team,

today I got your shirt and are very happy with the dimensions how you tailored it.

Benjamin C. (Germany)  Germany

to contact

exzellent! Great Shirts by the Way!
Von unterwegs
Benjamin S. (Germany)  Germany

Dear iTailor-Team, 

The new jacket arrived and it fits good. 
Looking forward to place further orders with you. 
Kind regards, 
Carsten M.
Carsten M. (Germany)  Germany

dear Itailorteam !

today i pick up the jacket,with low tax .....everything looks good  , i will try the jacket after iron it excellent service , well made
Yours sincerely,
Volker P.
Volker P. (Germany)  Germany


i received today my last order - and i want to say thank you! the shirt is in very good quality and the shipping was easy (direct dilevery to my postadresse)!
again thanks!
Dirk K. (Germany)  Germany

Hallo Liebes costumer team! Vielen dank für ihre freundliche unterstützung , hilfe und immer höfliche und nette und schnelle rückantwort bei meinen problem mit der lieferung! nun habe ich die sendung verfolgen können und habe sie erhalten. Danke schön und weiter so! GROßES LOB! Mit freundlichen Grüßen Patrick Kirmes

Patrick K. (Germany)  Germany


Yeah. I received the shirt today. It is perfect!! Very good qualtity and it does fit!!
I am very happy. This wasn´t the last order!
Thank you very much!!
Stefan Maurmann
Maurmann, S (Germany)  Germany

Ladies and Gentlemen,

with great joy that I could then take the newly-made vest in reception.
Now everything fits perfectly.

Thank you for your efforts, I could get in time before the wedding.
Recommended for my next piece suit is that I can specify dimensions for the vest on the Internet.
Thanks again for everything, and the manufacture of super high quality!

Yours sincerely,
Dr. h.c. Hartmut W.

Dr. h.c. Hartmut W (Germany)  Germany


I just wanted to say that my jeans arrived.

Everything is all right, its a real good work.

I am sure to buy next time a new one.

Thanks Alot

Darius M (Germany)  Germany

Just wanted to let you know I received my order; what a GREAT shirt at a fantastic price! I´m sure to get some more in the future, thanks!

Best wishes

Kai A.

Kai A. (Germany)  Germany

Hi & thank you very much for your quick response.

IT133733-1 arrived in perfect condition @3 weeks ago. Also IT133735-1 arrived (ordered the same day). The missing one is IT133xxxx.

Thanks for your support, I have recommended your service several times and will buy my next shirt from you this week. ;)

Best regards,


Kalle (Germany)  Germany


I got the 1st shirt of my order. Wonderful ! Thank you !
BUT: Could you please send the second shirt marked as "PRESENT", please !
This time I had to pay for the customs another 5,70 EUR.
Would be great if we could avoid the CUSTOMS FEE next time.
Erik L.
Erik L. (Germany)  Germany

Dear Ladies! Dear Sirs!

With this e-mail I want to notify you that the orange-coloured shirt arrived at my home last Saturday. Again I am very pleased and highly satisfied with the shirt: It is exactly what I hat expected to receive, it is very, very well manufactured, obviously done by precisely working professional hands. Thank you so much for this beautiful and individual piece of clothing. The shirt fits perfectly, too.
At the end I would like to apologize, because I appeared to be impatient. I am sorry for that, but I was worried, somebody might have kept the package for oneself during the long journey from Thailand to Europe. But finally everything happened to be fine...
I will definitely be coming back to you soon. Many thanks once again!
Sending kind regards and best wishes
JAKOB, B. (Germany)  Germany


Hi, I have received my suit and I\'m very happy with it. May I make one suggestion, though? I would be tempted to buy my next suit from you if you offered a range of heavier materials; 265g is a little light for my normal taste. Is this something you might consider? I personnaly prefer 350-450g, even were the price to increase. Yours Aye C Mullin



JAKOB, B. (Germany)  Germany

Thank you very much :-)

That is very kind of you, we are very happy and you make us
a great joy. We will remain loyal customers of yours.
Your organization is beautiful and we are very satisfied.
We will send you a photo of the wedding.
Thank you and very best wishes from Germany.
G and D
Gabriele B. (Germany)  Germany

 Thank you for the great shirt, which was delivered to me to day. Best regards, Collins N

Collins Ntc N. (Germany)  Germany

Heute ist die Hose eingetroffen.

Alles bestens, bin sehr zu frieden. Danke.
MfG Dingel
MfG D. (Germany)  Germany

Hi there, 

the Shirt arrived and it is pretty cool and well made! 
Benjamin Fö. (Germany)  Germany

Hello! Good day, Dear Ladies and Sirs!

Yesterday I could pick up the package you sent to me, at the German customs office.
First of all I want to emphasize that I am highly satisfied and contented with the very beautiful jacket. It is exactly what I expected to receive: A real individual perfectly manufactured clothing – indeed a piece of artwork! Thank you very much! I will recommend you to my acquaintances and friends. Also I myself will come back to you soon with another order.
Yours sincerely
Jakob, B. (Germany)  Germany

WOW !!!

Wann geht's los mit den maßgeschneiderten Schuhen ??
Kann es kaum erwarten !!!

Viele G.
Frank W

Frank W. (Germany)  Germany

Hello iTailor team

I thank you for your reply.
You helped me.

Your new customer Jens M
Jens M. (Germany)  Germany

Just the item has been returned to me! Thank you!
I am thrilled and delighted. My expectations were exceeded.
Therefore, I will give up soon again an order with you.
I wish you have a pleasant day.
Sincerely yours
Fred K

Fred K. (Germany)  Germany

Dear iTailor Delivery Team,

The shirt has arrived, it fits perfectly and I´m very happy,
thank you again and best greetings from Hannover/Germany
sincerely yours

HC du M.

HC D. (Germany)  Germany

Hallo, gestern ist das Oberhemd meines Mannes gekommen. 1. Es sieht

sehr schön aus 2. Es ist sehr gut verarbeitet 3. Die Qualität stimmt
Alles in allem sind wir sehr zufrieden und weden auf jeden Fall noch
mehr Bestellungen aufgeben. Mit freundlichen Grüßen E K
Evelin K. (Germany)  Germany

Hi, I am very happy with your fast response to my frist questions regarding partnership agreement. many thanks 

Timo (Germany)  Germany

To whom it might concern,

just received the shirt and I'm more than happy!
Perfect service and a perfect shirt.
I will place a new order today.

Thank you very much

Benedikt (Germany)  Germany

Die Möglichkeit dieses Einkaufes finde ich grandios und würde bestimmt ein treuer Kunde werden, da ich täglich auf anspruchsvolle Kleidung angewiesen bin.

(The possibility of this shopping I find amazing and would definitely be a loyal customer, I am dependent on sophisticated daily wear. )

Dietmar L. (Germany)  Germany

Dear Sirs,

Today my custom tailored shirt has arrivied. Thank you.

With great pleasure I noticed that you’ve carried out my order exactly according the
specifics given.

I’m more than pleased to offer you my compliments and great sympathy for your fantastic efficiency that I have experienced.

You can be assured that I will obtain all shirts for the rest of my life from iTailor.

Moreover I will force all my friends, relatives and alle people who I meet during business or private occasions to order their shirts from in the future.

Good luck for your Business and again great compliments.

Horst J. (Germany)  Germany